The positive impact of Social Media

We can communicate in different ways, but the biggest thing of communicating using Social Media is that we can communicate with our friends and family anywhere and anytime. How cool is when a friend or family member goes on a vacation, he/she can post or share with you photos for you to be able to see where they enjoy during spending their vacation time.Or in case if you have some family members out of the state and it’s not super easy to call them due to time differences and work schedules, you can check up on them and see if they have made any recent updates so you can still be in the loop.

I have many friends on my profiles on Social Media, mostly true friendships. When I was 9 years old I wasn’t so much addicted to Social Media and in that time I didn’t have so many friends like I have now. I was only hanging out with my kindergarten friends, my classmates and school friends.Now I have a lot of friends. I have friends from different countries, cities and my country regions. I can easily confess you that yes, I’m addicted to Social Media, I post photos of me and videos of me dancing.

Still we have the option to choose whatever we want to see on or search through Internet and Social Media. For almost every Social Media platform, there is a private option that allows you to choose who can follow you and watch what you post. This is a great option for those of us who only want to share things with family and close friends.

News can travel really fast trough the Social Media. Sometimes when something happens in our community, we may not know about it if we don’t watch the news that day, but with Social Media, you are able to check on the news. The cool thing in usage of Social Media is that you can see people’s varying opinions on certain situations that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to know otherwise. Although some people use Social Media only for posting photos and videos and getting likes and comments.

The negative side of Social Media

While communicating with our friends and family we can very easily put ourselves in risk, because we can be hurt or abused. We can get hurt of our mental health, our posture, etc. Another negative effect is that using frequently Social Media, we can get more and more addicted on them.

Written by: Filip Karadakov

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