Fat Thursday

Do you like baking? Is kitchen your favourite place in your house? I’ve got something for you!

Today there’s one of the sweetest and the most delicious days of the whole year. We call it “tłusty czwartek” (Fat Thursday or Shrove Thursday). It’s always celebrated on the last thursday of the Carnival. On that day Poles usually eat delicious treats like “chruściki” or “faworki” (angel wings), “róże karnawałowe” (carnival roses), “racuszki” and “pączki”. “Pączek” is a Polish doughnut (but better) made of yeast dough, covered with sugar frosting and stuffed with jelly or marmalade (e.g. plum, rose, mixed fruit) All the treats are extremely sweet and rich.  Are they fattening? No! On that special day everything has 0 calories, so you can eat as much as you want!


angel wings


carnival roses

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  1. Petra says:

    You have to send us a recipe!!! 😉

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