Reflections about the mobility in Slovenia

My name is Renata Nicoleta Dobre.  I’m almost fifteen years old and I’m one of the children who had the opportunity to  travel to Slovenia by the Erasmus+ project. In my opinion the experience in Slovenia made me realize that in life, to discover the beauty, you have to risk. And that’s what I did. Until then, I had never flown by plane, I had not been to Slovenia and I had not seen other places . I liked it!

I could communicate with other people and I made new friends. What really impressed me, besides the beauties of nature,  were the people I already miss. I also apreciated the activities I have practiced. I learned a specific song from Slovenia, I danced dances created by children in that country and I cooked. I was lucky to visit Ljubljana,  Piran and Nova Gorica, cities that will really remain in my heart, places that I’ll never forget.

I also attended courses in Geography, Physical Education and Music. I visited the kindergarten in the town I lived for a week. It was incredible to get out of my confort zone and to know another culture and other habits. I saw a museum, a cave and a castle. And with the family I lived in, I visited a library and a monastery. In my free time I could enjoy a cake served at the best confectionery in the country.

On the last day I was at a farewell party with teachers, students, parents and some children from Poland, Macedonia and Turkey. There I served snacks made by parents and I listened to good music. I had the opportunity to meet a popular pop music artist in Slovenia. I will never forget those moments which now are part of my heart.



 A wonderful country!

         Through this Project I had the opportunity to learn and experience many new things and different cultures, to  meet children of my age from different countries like Turkey, Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia, and also to meet an extraordinary family .

During this mobility I took part in many activities at school.  I painted and I cooked Slovenian traditional food. I visited various tourist attractions among the Postojna cave, which is the largest cave in Europe, Predjamski Castle where I was impressed by its history, architecture and location.

I saw the Port of Piran, which has an exit to the Adriatic Sea, where I could see a part of the Italian coast.
This experience was unique to me, it was the first time I had the opportunity to travel by plane, to improve a foreign language and to know new traditions.
This encouraged me to learn more. It was a great chance for me and I will never forget this amazing experience.

Sîrbu Emanuel


My first impression about Slovenia

In Slovenia there were a lot of activities with the slovenian mates and teachers.

For the first time we visited  school. Then we played bowling. After that we visited an interesting and famous cave.  We also  prepared  some food at  the school canteen.
These interesting activities helped me to be more careful with my life and somehow it was an important life lesson.

But the activity which impressed me very much in Slovenia was A WEEK WITHOUT PHONE CHALLENGE.
  -In this challange, all people who took part of this project didn’t have to use the phones or any others technologies for 1 week.

It was a pleasure for me to be in Slovenia and I look forward to go back to this beautiful country!

Vasile David

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