Author: Ana Canzutti


We Will Be Discussing…

In the next three months our Slovenian group will be discussing about: Cyberbullying Cyberabuse Addiction Grooming Incitement to violence Sexting Racism Xenophobia Flaming Cyberstalking Cyberhate Happy slapping And how to prevent them.  

Reflections about the mobility in Slovenia 0

Reflections about the mobility in Slovenia

My name is Renata Nicoleta Dobre.  I’m almost fifteen years old and I’m one of the children who had the opportunity to  travel to Slovenia by the Erasmus+ project. In my opinion the experience...


Students’ presentation for teachers

Not long ago our girls came back from the mobility in Poland. They showed pictures with exchitment and told us all the interesting things they experienced on this mobility. These kind of experiences are...


9th of May, Europe Day

Students from Osnovna šola Dornberk – subsidiary school Prvačina – were talking about Poland. We did this, because we visited country in April as part of our Erasmus project. Students searched for useful information...

Our time in Slovenia 0

Our time in Slovenia

We learned a lot about Slovenian culture and we built good friendships. Now we know each other better. Team Turkey  



I˙ve got an assigment to research the influence that tehnology has on our bodys and to present it to pupils and teachers from visiting countries. It has been already known that tehnology can be...