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Today Eva, Sofija, Kristina and Gai went to younger generations, to have a game about social media. Childern had to arrange the cards according to what we can, can‘t and what we can occasionaly do on social...

0 just for E+

On 5th of December we had the privilege to have a private session with Bojan Kodelja from He accepted our invitation and came exclusively for our Erasmus+ team. We questioned our presentator about...


On 10.10.2019, we had a presentation about the safe use of the internet, web traps and its addiction. Our represenative Bojan Kodelja from, told us everything about tobacco, how many people use it...


We Will Be Discussing…

In the next three months our Slovenian group will be discussing about: Cyberbullying Cyberabuse Addiction Grooming Incitement to violence Sexting Racism Xenophobia Flaming Cyberstalking Cyberhate Happy slapping And how to prevent them.  


A New Beginning

Today we have began a new year of Erasmus+. In this year, we are going to go on mobility to Macedonia and Romania. We will learn their habits and traditions and we will learn...

9th of May – International day of Europe 0

9th of May – International day of Europe

We are celebrating the 9th of May – The International day of Europe. Let’s live in a safe and healthy environment using Social Media responsibly!  


9th of May, Europe Day

Students from Osnovna šola Dornberk – subsidiary school Prvačina – were talking about Poland. We did this, because we visited country in April as part of our Erasmus project. Students searched for useful information...