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A lot of work

Through December, our Erasmus+ team has been working on a big project. It’s about sharing knowledge on how to properly behave online and how to stay safe in the cyber world. We split in...


On 10.10.2019, we had a presentation about the safe use of the internet, web traps and its addiction. Our represenative Bojan Kodelja from, told us everything about tobacco, how many people use it...


Students’ presentation for teachers

Not long ago our girls came back from the mobility in Poland. They showed pictures with exchitment and told us all the interesting things they experienced on this mobility. These kind of experiences are...

9th of May – International day of Europe 0

9th of May – International day of Europe

We are celebrating the 9th of May – The International day of Europe. Let’s live in a safe and healthy environment using Social Media responsibly!  


9th of May, Europe Day

Students from Osnovna šola Dornberk – subsidiary school Prvačina – were talking about Poland. We did this, because we visited country in April as part of our Erasmus project. Students searched for useful information...