Social media usage among Slovenian pupils

Below you can read a summary of social media usage among Slovenian pupils. We made questionnaire and you can read the results.  Vprašalnik o uporabi socialnih omrežij – rezultati – ENG


Mobility in Slovenia

Partner school members of the Erasmus+ project had the second meeting in the town of Dornberk, Slovenia, between the 28th January and 3rd February 2019. The second meeting of the partner schools was hosted...


Fat Thursday

Do you like baking? Is kitchen your favourite place in your house? I’ve got something for you! Today there’s one of the sweetest and the most delicious days of the whole year. We call...

The positive impact of Social Media 0

The positive impact of Social Media

We can communicate in different ways, but the biggest thing of communicating using Social Media is that we can communicate with our friends and family anywhere and anytime. How cool is when a friend...



In this article you will find out almost everything about our trip to Slovenia and how we spent one of the best weeks in our lives. We were four students from Macedonia, two boys...