Macedonia Mobility – video

We did our mobility to Kavadarci in Macedonia. It was a good experience for us and our students. The students in the host country performed dance shows, sang songs and all the students took part in sports activities. We visited some museums in Kavadarci and the students had a change to see the Macedonian lifestyle and their culture. 

The next day we started our trip to Ohrid but on the way we had to visit a very special place for Turkish people. It is called Manastır in Turkish. The place where our founder of republic, Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK’s school exists. It was very emotional for us. We walked the corridors of the school where he walked a hundred years ago. We showed our respect and thankfulness. It was a very special experiment for us. Then we arrived in Ohrid and visited some museums like, Bay of Bones Museum and National Ohrid Museum. They were also great places to visit. After those lovely places our next stop was St Naum Church. We saw incredible natural views as we were travelling there. St. Naum Church is a very old, historical and valuable place. The day which we went to Ohrid was a very lovely day and will never be forgotten.

We also visited a museum in the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. We also had a great time there.

E+ team from Turkey

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