About us MK


Our school is a public primary school located in village Vatasha, in the municipality of Kavadarci, Macedonia. The Primary school OOU “Dimkata Angelov Gaberot”, v. Vatasha is a public school with cca. 300 students from 6 to 14 years old. They study in 9 grades in one shift from 8 to 14 o’clock. About 50 teachers work in the school. The school contains 18 classrooms, school library, computer lab, music lab, sport fields, school yard and green yard. The school has Council of parents consisted of students parents as members. They supervise the study process in the school. Our school is an open community building inclusive society. The school accepts students with different disabilities. The school is managed by the rights contained in the convention of each child under their jurisdiction, without any discrimination.
Our school makes efforts to include in its educational process reasonable adjustment, involvement of professional staff, also to use the opportunity of choosing the appropriate ways of transferring educational contents towards full inclusion and providing identical starting position for children with special needs as well as for all other students. Many activities are organized to give support to students and to ensure safety environment for building creative and open society for every student. The school is involved in many national educational projects, such as Integration of ecological awareness for green schools, Multietnic and multicultural integration in education, Program for improving social inclusion etc. The students of our school participate in many activities in collaboration with the Municipality Council and local authorities. They patricipate in activities for celebrating National holidays and National and International days for active citinzenship. Many projects are implemented in the school aiming to have influence at the students in their learning process. These years the students learn by new methods of learning, methods used in Europe, and their teachers constantly are obtaining seminars and trainings to improve their methods of teaching. Our school leads an active role for providing healthy, comfortable social environment for the students. The students also are eager to explore different cultures and countries. The teachers in our school are creative, peaceful, hardworking, honest persons aiming to improve the educational process and give the students example for better living. The administration staff includes responsible persons willing to collaborate with the partners to bring the students well-comfortable environment for learning.