About us PL


Zespół Szkół nr 8 (The Team of Schools No. 8) in Włocławek is a small institution located in a small neighbourhood of Zawiśle in Włocławek. The Team of School consists of the Primary School No. 8 dedicated to the 3rd Warsaw Pontoon Bridge Regiment and the Public Kindergarten No. 7. In total, there are 397 students in our school. Our pupils are taken care by a qualified staff consisting of 40 teachers, most of whom hold the degree of a certified teacher – the last teachers’ promotion level in Poland. All of these provides the highest quality of education and care. The School’s educational programme is well adapted to developmental needs of our students.

Our pupils come from different environments, but all of them are equally important for us. Neither of the children is anonymous, their well being, safety and versatile education are the most important values for us. The school educates in the spirit of a creativity and resourcefulness. We want our former students to live active and conscious life in today’s world. We also cultivate customs of our region and patriotic values.

We also took part in numerous projects and we use technological and educational innovations such as ICT or tutoring in our everyday work. The most crucial goal of our school is to provide every student with equal educational opportunities so as they have chance to develop themselves according to their individual needs, abilities and expectations.