About us SI

This is our school¬† ūüėČ

Our school in Dornberk
¬†was built in 1977. It is quite small. There are 250 students. We have a subsidiary school in Prvańćina and also two kindergartens with about 50 children. ¬†In our school we learn the following subjects: English, Slovene, Domestic science, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry, P.E., Design and technology, Music, Art, Physics,. We can also choose a variety of non-compulsory subjects, such as Italian, Spanish, additional P.E. (basketball, football‚Ķ), Computer science, Television and media and so on. We have got our own school library and a new big gym.

This is us puppils from our Primary School Dornberk who are part of the Erasmus+ project.


And this is us, Erasmus+ teachers.