Homeland SI





Slovenia is a small country in central Europe, bordering with Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Austria. The number of inhabitants is approximately 2 million people. The capital city is Ljubljana. Our official language is Slovene. Although our country is small, our landscape is fascinating. There are beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, and also the sea.


Dornberk is a big hilly village in the lower Vipava valley, consisting of many small settlements. The population is about 1800 people. Dornberk and the surrounding settlements have got a rich history as well as many natural and cultural sites. Children from the neighbouring village Prvačina, where we have a subsidiary school,  also attend our school. This village is also known for its history and a rich cultural and natural heritage. Most people living here have got vineyards, so we have many wine cellars. The wine is of good quality, so some producers export it to foreign countries. Our valley is also famous for its fruit production, especially because of peaches. The neighbouring village Prvačina holds a summer festival to honour this fruit.