School system TR


Most of our students are Kurdish and Zaza in our school. We have a few Gypsies, some Syrians and Arabic students.

Primary school is 1st to 4th class and secondary school is from 5th to 8th class. Secondary students go to school in the morning and Primary school students go to school in the afternoon. 1 lesson takes 40 minutes and we have 10 minutes brake (we don’t have longer brake). We have 7 lessons in a day for students. After finishing secondary school, the students go to high school.

We have 25 students minimum and 35 students maximum in the classes. We have minus(-) and plus(+) liststo check for students’ homework. We have Turkish, Maths, English, Science, Music, Art, Religion and Moral, Technology and Design, P.E and Social Studies. We have folk dance course, chess course and drama as extracurricular activities.

We have meetings with the families two or three times in the first term and two or three in the second term. We do 2 exams for the students to evaluate them for the first term and 2 exams for the second term. We used to use 5 grades-from 1 to 5 two years ago but now we use 1 to 100. We write the grades from 1 to 100.

1-45 is not enough

45-55 is enough

55-70 is good

70-85 is very good

85-100 is excellent

Some teachers give homeworks to students but last three years Education Ministry telles that don’t give homework to the students. We start the school on the second week of September and two weeks mid-term holiday (last two weeks of January) and the school year finishes second week of June.

29th of October is Republic Holiday

1st of January is New year holiday

23rd of April is Children’s holiday

1st of May is Labor day holiday

19th of May is Youth and Sports Day holiday in Turkey.

We take the students to cinemas and sometimes to the museums one or two times in a term. In the Spring time we take them to the picnic area in the forest.

We have 2 months holiday for teachers (July and August). Students have 3 months holiday. We have 35 lessons for students (7 lessons in a day) but we have 30 lessons for teacher in a week.