About us TR


Fatih Sultan Mehmet Secondary School started as a primary school in the early nineties. When the school first opened it had got about 5 classes. But every year the population increased and the school became inadequate. To become enough 5 extra classes was built in 1992. But it also couldn’t be enough. To find the final solution, a new building was built and opened in 97/98 school season. On the first years it was enough but now it is still not enough.

Our school locates in a neighbourhood called Barbaros , in Tarsus district, Mersin City ,TURKEY. We have got 1 principle 4 assistant principles and about 85 teachers in different subjects. We have got 805 girls and 957 boys, totaly 1762 students. Beside those children we have got about 50 refugee students. Also we have got 14 special needed kids. Most of the students are from poor and crowded families. Those families are also low educated families. We have students from 6 years old to 15 years old. Because of economical reasons, some of our students can not even bring lunch boxes with them. Most of our students can not see love from their families. Some students don’t have enough clothes for winter conditions. Because of that they can be ill between short periods. Most of the families don’t support their kids for education. Some of the students have got absence problems.

We have got a community clinic in our neigbourhood. But it is not enough. Our neighbourhood is near the city center. But it is some kind of shantytown. Most of the families came from different cities of Turkey to our neighborhood just to have good jobs. Some of them could find jobs but some of them coludn’t. So they started perpetration. The crime ratio in our neighbourhood is high. Thats why we are trying to do our best to educate our students. Because if we don’t we can easily loose those kids.

One of the big problem in our school is that we have got students from different ethnic origins such as; Turkish, Kurdish, Zaza, Gypsies and Syrians. Because of this reason in the same classroom we have got different languages speaking. In order to prevent this we have got language courses for Syrian students. In this courses they are learning Turkish. We hope that those courses will help them to take part in social life.

On the other hand our students have some behavioral problems like anger managment, social relationship problems, violence, having friends with bad habits, swearing and many more. In order to turn these behaviours to positive teachers and our counseling service are making some studies. For example, talking one to one, preparing some posters on the classroom and the school walls, doing some simple competitions and giving presents because of positive behaviours. Those studies give positive motivation to the students. but it never comes enough to us. Because we know that learning never ends. So if we want to teach; first we have to learn. We started from this idea and searched for some courses which are relevant to our problems.

In our school we have got extra supporting lessons for students. Some of those extra lessons are on weekdays and some of them are at weekends. They are Turkish, English, Science Studies, Social Studies, Maths and Religion. Most of our succesful students join those extra lessons.