I˙ve got an assigment to research the influence that tehnology has on our bodys and to present it to pupils and teachers from visiting countries.
It has been already known that tehnology can be both, helpful or harmful in many ways and that it has a big influence on us and our life. ‘But how does tehnology affects our body?’ was my question. I read plenty of articles about the impact that tehbnology has on our body, but almost all of the articles were talking about the impact of tehnology on our mental health. After some digging I finally found a few articles which were actually helpful for my assigment.

I think we are all aware that tehnology has a harmful affect on our posture. The way we sit while playing computer games in the afternoon, reading articles from our phones while sipping coffee in the morning, the way we sit while studying or working using any kind of tehnology whatsoever, it all breaks out in the form of constant un-easing pain signals overwhelming the brain. The mental stress accumulated from these complains take a remarkable toll on our well-being.

A very popular disease that is caused by thenology is Computer vision syndrome also known as CVS. CVS is a complex of problems associated with exessive screen time, including eyestrain, blurred vision and dry eyes.

Tehnology nowdays is offering us a lot, from texting and calling to watching movies and listening to music. Tehnology is offering us an easier way to listen to our favorite artist everywhere and all the time. Headphones are allowing us to feel like ‘dancing in the moonlight’, but they are also damaging our hearing.The popularity of personal listening to music with earbuds has reached 90 percent of youth. 66 percent of those who do listen to music, crank the volume to over 85 decibels, which is enough to cause permanent hearing damage.
The thing is, that we are all aware of the most problems caused by tehnology, but we are not trying to change them, because we are all enjoying the comfort life that tehnology is giving us. I might have a solution for that, while you are working, studying, playing,.. take a break, stretch, go out for a walk, focus on yourself and reduce stress from the neck and back and eyes. When you are listening to the music with headphones, don’t crank the volume to over 85 decibels (which is usually the medium volume on smartphones).
Yes, Tehnology is useful and helpful, but only if you are using it without hurting your body.

Ema Š., Erasmus+ team from Slovenia






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